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Vacation Rental Cleaning Colorado Springs

We understand how the short-term rental industry works and are well versed with intricate details such as requests for early check-ins, back-to-back reservations on the same day and request for late check-outs among others. We strive to ensure you have more time to focus on other aspects of your business by providing a quick turnaround. Our team will work to get your property put back together fast and efficiently, ready for your next guests.

Laundering, restocking, replacing!  You name it, we got you covered.

We will ensure when you’re hosting your guests, everything is cleaned, washed and restocked anew. Items such as sprays, shampoos bed sheets, towels, bathing soap, toilet paper and dustbin liners will be replaced. We do our best to ensure your next guest is wowed by the level of cleanliness and organization.

Our cleaners are your cleaners

Our cleaners will make sure your property is looking its best by vacuuming all areas of the floor, mopping, sweeping, cleaning skirting boards and cleaning mirrors. If there is any damage or supplies running out, we will make sure to report by sending pictures or messages as needed. Our primary goal is to ensure your property looks and feels exactly the way your photos portray it.

Help is on the way

There is something about a clean house that creates a great impression for guests spending the night or a few days at your residence. Think about how hiring outside help can boost your business in the long term. Give your guests a luxury experience and get excellent ratings by hiring Integrity Cleaning Services to clean your property. We are more than delighted to hear from you and answer any of your cleaning questions 

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Airbnb Cleaning Colorado Springs?

Renting out your house of apartment to someone is a good way to make some extra income especially if you have no use for the place your guests will be renting. These days it is a popular option amongst tourists to rent a house or apartment online rather than incur the expense of a swanky hotel or motel. When people rent your place, they are temporarily in charge of how they keep it. Most people do not stay very long; maybe a week or two and then it will be time for your next guest. So how do you expect to do everything yourself? From listing your property, to make guest schedules, to verifying payments, to receiving guests and what not, you may not have time to clean. So what do you do? You hire us to do it for you! So by the time your next guest comes, everything is sparkling clean and there is fresh soap next to the sink.

We have an excellent fleet of Airbnb housekeepers in Colorado Springs We make sure all our housekeepers’ backgrounds have been checked extensively and once they are vetted, only then do we add them to our agency. After our housekeepers join our agency, they are trained by us so that they meet and maintain the standards that Integrity Cleaning Services has become known to deliver. 

Our staff makes sure that the room where you will be hosting your guest has everything restocked anew when a guest leaves. Shampoo, toilet paper, soap for the bathroom will be replaced. Tea, coffee and dustbin liners will be replaced in the kitchen. Nothing by a previous guest is left in the room. In fact, we make sure we leave no trace that the room was inhabited by someone before they came along. 

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Best Airbnb Cleaning Service Colorado Springs

Our staff comes prepared with all the best cleaning agents. Our Airbnb cleaning services are honestly the best in Colorado Springs. From soaps to powders to sprays, we have it all. We use top of the line products and are not stingy with them. All you need to provide our staff with is a mop and a vacuum, then sit back and enjoy as we clean the whole place from top to bottom. 

We do our job so that the next guest that comes finds everything in perfect order. So we will check that all the lighting fixtures are working along with the Wi-Fi and anything else you may have promised would be available to a guest. 

Mention to our housekeepers what you want them to do. Is there a specific stain in the carpet you would like them to pay special attention to? Whatever your concerns and queries, you can discuss with them and they will make sure to do everything you have asked. 

We make sure everything is in perfect order so when your guest arrives, they have nothing but praise for how well you’ve kept the place and how much they absolutely loved it.

Our work is our pride, and we hope you will be happy with the work that we do! So if you need Airbnb cleaning services in Colorado Springs, you know who to call!

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Would You Like To Start Today?

We approach each client individually in order to fully cover his or her specific needs and ensure their complete satisfaction with our service.



  • Take pictures (if requested)
  • Report any item left behind
  • Clear rooms of all unwanted items and throw away
  • Place soiled linen in washing machine (if booked)
  • Pretreat bathroom
  • Take pictures (if requested)
  • Report any item left behind
  • Clear rooms of all unwanted items and throw away
  • Place soiled linen in washing machine (if booked)
  • Pretreat bathroom
  • All lights turn on
  • AC works
  • All faucets work and toilets flush
  • TV turns on
  • Damage report
  • Dust high then low (including ceiling fans, picture frames, lamps, baseboards)
  • Clean window sills and dust blinds
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Vacuum furniture
  • Vacuum the carpets and mop all floors
  • Empty and clean all waste baskets
  • Wipe all touch points (light switch, door knobs etc.)
  • Staging and final guest-ready touches
  • Final inspection/ Quality check and going through 100% guest-ready checklist


  • Clean the cabinets inside and outside and on top
  • Shine the mirrors
  • Clean, scrub and sanitize showers, bathtubs, toilets and sinks
  • Clean shower curtain rod, towel rack, soap dish, toilet paper holder
  • Remove used towels and replace with fresh ones (if provided, if not add Laundry or Linen Rental Service)
  • Arrange towels nicely
  • Ensure hair dryer is clean and visible
  • Replace/Remove used Toilet paper rolls (if provided, if not add Restocking)
  • Replace/Refill toiletries (if provided, if not add Restocking)
  • Staging and final guest-ready touches


  • Clean dishes and check for cracked plates, etc.
  • Place and arrange cleaned dishes and glasses nicely in cabinet
  • Clean cabinets, appliances, sinks, tables and chairs
  • Wipe and sanitize countertops
  • Clean top, front and inside of oven
  • Clean inside and outside of refrigerator and microwave
  • Clean overhead fan & vent
  • Clean inside of drawers
  • Take out the trash and replace with new bag
  • Restock perishables like coffee, tea, sugar etc. (if provided, if not add Restocking)
  • Staging and final guest-ready touches

Living Room

  • Sanitize the telephone and remote controls.
  • Dust TV and carefully clean if necessary
  • Check if pullout bed has been used - change linens if needed (if provided, if not add Laundry or Linen Rental Service)
  • Vacuum and arrange the upholstery
  • Cushions and pillows fluffed and straightened
  • Furniture dusted - on top, on front and underneath
  • Dust and clean picture frames, artwork, bookshelves, lamps etc.
  • Staging and final guest-ready touches


  • Make beds hotel-style
  • Floors under bed vacuumed and/or mopped if accessible
  • Sanitize the telephone and remote controls
  • Vacuum the upholstery, the floor, inside of closet and drapes if needed
  • Replace empty Kleenex boxes with new ones (if provided, if not add Restocking)
  • Clean mirrors
  • Place extra towels neatly folded on bed or in closet (if provided, if not add Laundry or Linen Rental Service)
  • Staging and final guest-ready touches
Extra Cleaning
  • Clean windows inside and outside
  • Exterior sweeping or cleaning
  • Furniture or carpet treatment
  • Washing walls
  • Replacing and Restocking perishables, supplies, and toiletries (provided by Integrity)
  • Welcome gift
  • Grocery delivery
  • Key exchange
  • Mid-stay cleanings for longer term guests (if requested)

Keeping clients and staff safe!

  • Morning temp check. No one works sick.
  • New policy to clients if sick themselves
  • Sanitize cars 3 times a day with staff separation in cars
  • Washing hands entering home and exiting
  • Gloves and masks always!