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New & Post-Construction Cleaning Colorado Springs

For several years Colorado Springs has enjoyed steady growth in residential and commercial real estate. This means new construction as well as remodeling and renovation projects both large and small. These types of projects inevitably result in a considerable amount of debris, dust, and waste.

For residential properties, our teams specializing in construction house cleaning ensure that the builder’s masterpiece is ready to fulfill the dreams of the new homeowner. Even after the major construction is cleaned up and put in its place, you are still likely to find dust, dirt, and debris lingering around. We want to be your trusted partner for new construction house cleaning.

For commercial property owners, too much waste after a construction or remodeling project is not only unsightly to your clients, it is also a safety and environmental hazard. Our team of professionals always comes prepared with the right equipment and a great track record to handle your post-construction cleaning needs.

Providing top-notch services and not settling for anything less is our goal for every job, and we’re not finished until you are satisfied.

Integrity Cleaning Services is the premier post-construction cleaning service in Colorado Springs and El Paso County. Our company is bonded and insured, and we are happy to provide a free estimate for your cleaning project.

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Post Construction Cleaning

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Are you Looking for a Post Construction Cleaning Service Colorado Springs?

Post Construction CleaningWelcome to Integrity Cleaning Services, LLC in in Colorado Springs, Colorado the most trusted Post Construction Cleaning Services, After a new construction building. retail store or home remodeling project, construction crews leaves behind a considerable amount of debris, dust and waste in Whether it’s a commercial building or a residential home as a contractor, you may take measures to control the refuse you leave behind, but there will always be a need for post-construction cleaning due to the nature of the business. Too much waste after a construction project is not only unsightly to your clients, but if not taken care of properly can become a hazard and affect the overall health and well-being of the entire community.

Whether you are looking for new Construction Cleaning Service Company to handle all 3 phases of your construction project or post construction final cleaning in Colorado Springs, Colorado Working with a company like Integrity Cleaning Services, LLC and getting your Construction Cleaning Services from them? If you are unhappy, or looking for a company that can provide better results in Colorado Springs, Colorado give us a call.

Integrity Cleaning Services, LLC is your key to successful construction cleaning after a project of any size or magnitude. Whether it is commercial or residential, our post construction clean-up services will leave only your finished construction project behind. We are the premier post-construction clean-up service in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the entire El Paso County area and would like to work with your contracting or construction company so you don’t have to worry about your project’s waste aftermath. We can provide new construction clean-up or post-construction clean-up on smaller constructions projects.

Integrity Cleaning Services, LLC is a bonded and insured company and takes the extra effort to make sure each cleaning personal follow strict procedures and protocols when it comes to all cleaning services including construction clean-up and proper building maintenance.

Call Integrity Cleaning Services, LLC for a free estimate on any of your construction cleaning, we also provide all other one-time deep cleaning services in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the entire El Paso County area. Call

Why Hire a New & Post Construction Cleaning Company in Colorado Springs?

Any home improvement project will leave a mess behind. Newly installed glass has fingerprints and stickers that need to be removed. Bits of mud and paint are found in the unlikeliest of places. Dust is most common — and most frustrating — of all. Construction creates tons of dust, and it kicks up even more. It coats walls and baseboards, blinds and window sills, shelves and cabinets, and pretty much any other surface it can find.

Until all of the dust and debris is cleaned up, you can’t full enjoy the results of your home improvement project. So, you’ve got two options. Either you tackle post construction cleaning on your own. Or you bring in someone else to do the job for you.

Hiring a post construction cleaning service saves you from hours and hours of tough, dusty work. What’s more, a cleaning service offers immaculate results that few homeowners can achieve on their own. This means a picture-perfect finish at the completion of any home improvement project. Just as important, any areas which require specialty cleaning products or advanced cleaning methods will receive the attention they need.

Post Construction Cleaning