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The use of professionals specializing in domestic service – known more commonly as a maid service – has evolved through the years. In the past, wealthy families were typically the only people who could afford to hire help to clean and maintain their homes. With a wide variety of services available at different price ranges, that’s just not the case anymore.

Today, maid services have evolved to meet the needs of modern families. According to one report, 10% of US households paid a professional service to clean their homes. Another report notes that residential house cleaning is one of the fastest growing industries in the country.

And for Integrity Cleaning Services, focusing on the needs of modern households means working closely with our clients in Colorado Springs to understand how they live, their preferences for cleaning, and what they consider clean. We then prepare a plan to provide their ideal maid service.

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Maid ServiceEach of our clients live their lives and live within their homes, whether their homes are single-family dwellings, apartments, or condominiums, differently. Our approach to maid service is individualized while our approach to the job we do is to focus on the little details – always.

Our maid services in Colorado Springs are designed to meet your needs. As a fully insured and bonded residential and commercial cleaning company, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee because we truly care about providing our clients with an exceptional experience during every interaction with our teams of professional cleaners and maids.

When you are considering a professional maid service, what kind of support do you need in your home? That is one of the questions we ask before we begin any work with a client. Other questions we ask include:

Do you need maid services by the hour or on a recurring basis?
What are your priorities for cleaning?
Do you have special instructions about your pet while we are cleaning?
Would you prefer that a specific cleaning product be used for your maid service?

One-time maid services can help anyone prepare their home for a special event or to simply help get a home back in order. Let’s face it, life can get pretty messy when we’re busy with work, school, or kids’ activities. Scheduling maid services by the hour can really help when you need that extra set of hands to dust, shine the insides of your windows, disinfect door knobs and light switches, and sweep and vacuum. Hourly services require a two-hour minimum, and that is two hours you can devote to your other priorities.

On the other hand, scheduling a recurring maid service can be more efficient because your maid will learn what areas of your home get more use and, therefore, need extra attention. Customers who sign up for a recurring maid service will receive a 20% discount for the weekly service and a 15% discount for service every 2 weeks. If you book your maid service for every 3 weeks, you will receive a 10% discount. If a monthly maid service works best for you, we offer a 10% discount.

If you have never had your home professionally cleaned, consider a one-time deep cleaning. By completing an initial deep clean on air vents, baseboards, and window tracks – areas you might not notice on a daily basis – your cleaning professional can then focus on your high-traffic areas during your recurring maid service.

How do I get started with Integrity Cleaning Services?

Our employees are trained and experienced cleaning professionals, and our first step is always to understand your needs. Reach out to us directly by calling 719-290-4956 or send us an email through our contact page. Our standard maid service includes an extensive list for cleaning any or all of the rooms in your home; if you need deep house cleaning, we are happy to prepare a maid service plan that is more intense than the standard home cleaning.

Integrity Cleaning Services is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm each day. Depending on availability, we can provide maid services the same day, and we do our best to accommodate last-minute bookings. You can also check availability and book the date of your choosing directly online.

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What if I Need to Reschedule?

It’s not a problem if you need to reschedule your maid service; we know that life happens, and sometimes our clients don’t have any control over those changes. Just give the Integrity Cleaning Services team a 24-hour notice so that your maid will be aware of the change. Call us at 719-290-4956 so that we can adjust your scheduled maid service.