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Disinfection free to all clients during Covid-19
  • All doorknobs sanitized
  • Light switches sanitized
  • Sanitize all surfaces
  • Kitchen handles sanitized
  • Deep cleaning in all bathrooms and kitchen where the most germs live with wet cleaning
  • Phones sanitized
  • Computer keyboards sanitized
Colorado Springs Residential Cleaners

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Integrity Cleaning Services has been serving the Colorado Springs area for over 20 years, providing both personal and commercial cleaning services.  Our team of professional cleaners takes a great deal of pride in being able to handle any type of job, big or small, so don’t hesitate to reach out to get an estimate for your job and to schedule a time that is convenient for you.

Cleaning is warmly welcoming you to our new website! We are a high quality home and office cleaning service, always exceeding our customers’ expectations. We promise you the most affordable prices, flexible working time, and the best quality cleaning service.

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  •  Commercial Cleaning
  •  Move-in / Move-out Cleaning
  •  Regular Cleaning

Over the years we have worked in many types of homes varying in size and design. We know that each house and apartment is very unique. As a result, it has its own needs, specifications and so to speak, character. That is why our goal with residential cleaning is to care for each home exceptionally well and with great attention for what makes it a great living space. We know that you take pride in your home, and we take pride in the work we do! Every detail matters to us!

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Colorado Springs Commercial Cleaning
Added new service
Disinfection free to all clients during Covid-19
  • We use a technique called Wet Cleaning. In comparison think of sanitizer "vs" properly washing your hands. Imagine licking your finger after using sanitizer. Does it get under your nails and full coverage? Dry Cleaning and sanitizer are helpful but washing your hands and Wet Cleaning is best. That's what we do! We kill germs so you don't have to. The hot bubbly water infused with antibacterial dish soap and all propose cleaning solution breaks down debris and germs while constantly rinsing cloth to ensure we don't spread germs and leave the surface rinsed free of anything harmful.
  • Other campany's might be using Dry Cleaning which never is rinsing away chemicals or germs. As well as the cloth is never clean which creates cross contamination.

what people say about us

Jen Russell

I’ve been using Integrity Cleanings for five years– They always do an outstanding job! I have complete confidence in Julie, Jen, and their team without reservation.

Steve Harvey

Julie and Jen are the dynamic duo! My house radiates cleanliness and joy after their crew has cleaned. I have tried other companies, but nothing compares to the price point, professionalism, and friendliness of Integrity Cleanings. Every week, they keep track of what specific needs my house cleaning requires and they execute flawlessly. Their team is timely and most importantly, trustworthy! I love Integrity Cleanings and highly recommend them to everyone.

House Cleaning Services Colorado Springs

Home Cleaning Services

There are two options for people looking to see external help for maintaining clean home, one is the hiring of maids and the other is to hire cleaning service providers. They are usually a team of experts who work together to achieve the desired results in contrast to the sole maid working in the home. Though a few people prefer to hire maids as they feel that it is a more personalized way to achieve cleanliness that they want. These cleaning services provide a wide array of services which includes dealing with the exterior of the house as well which is not possible for a maid to handle on her own. House cleaning services provide a wide variety of services, which can be daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Some people opt for monthly deep cleaning to help maintain their homes to be allergen free. When a person has opted for daily cleaning services it would include a thorough cleaning of the whole home including the kitchen, washroom, living room and all other places present inside the house. Home cleaning services Toronto offer a huge array of service possibilities and it depends on your choice and selection.

Deep Cleaning Services

A perfect home and clean and tidy place is the dream come true for anyone. People always look for opportunities that can help them maintain the perfect home. For people who have jobs to go to always feel that they cannot do justice to their homes and will not be able to have a clean house. We need to keep this in mind that how much ever we clean up our homes, until unless we do deep cleaning we will not be able to achieve the results that we seek. Deep cleaning helps in maintaining the house allergen free and free from dust balls and other similar harmful possibilities. A house can turn into a silent breeding ground for a huge variety of hosts of insects if the house is not cleaned on regular basis. Self-deep cleaning is not an easy option as you would require multiple tools and a variety of cleaning agents to clean the house in the most satisfactory way.

Advantages of Hiring Home Cleaning Services

There are a lot of advantages that you can enjoy when you have hired the professional cleaning services. Some of the advantages that you can enjoy are: Professional Cleaning services have experts in home cleaning sciences. These people are well aware of the requirements of each and every surface and therefore they use the proper chemicals that will in no way adversely affect the surface. These professional cleaners are swift and can handle all kinds of tough spots and have the perfect grime solution. Professional cleaning services usually work in teams and this allows them to cover the required area in the required time without much hassle. The professional cleaners have a team, and therefore even one of them is unable to make it there are no issues as they always have an alternate present. Regardless of the package that you have procured, these cleaners provide far more better services, as they cover more than the promised area usually. They have the right quality of cleaning agents and they do not require you to buy them as they bring their own cleaning agents. They have the professional equipments that actually allows them to clean and conduct all the necessary steps with professionalism and perfection.

Keeping clients and staff safe!

  • Morning temp check. No one works sick.
  • New policy to clients if sick themselves
  • Sanitize cars 3 times a day with staff separation in cars
  • Washing hands entering home and exiting
  • Gloves and masks always!